Strengthening Our Parishes

Our 156 parishes serve as the spiritual homes of nearly 300,000 Catholics across 16 counties in northeastern Wisconsin. In these communities, we join together as a family of faith to pray, celebrate the Eucharist and witness the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The one by One campaign will allow our parishes to invest in the mission of the Church, to more fully serve the spiritual needs of their parishioners and to share Christ within their communities.

Transforming and Enhancing Parishes

“In our parishes, the people of God welcome others and, through our communion with Christ and one another, strive to build a family of love.” - Bishop David L. Ricken

Support our Parishes

Many of our parishes are now in need of renewal. We must ensure these sacred spaces are able to provide opportunities to encounter Christ as well as send forth people to reach out to those who are no longer practicing but want to reengage with their faith as well as those who are seeking a faith home. Parish buildings may require upgrades, they may have delayed maintenance issues, or their staffing may not be at appropriate levels for enhancing or expanding ministries, programs or outreach.

The largest share of gifts to the one by One campaign will be directed to strengthening parishes, with 50 percent of the funds parishes collect — $30 million of the total funds raised during the campaign — remaining in parishes to meet the local needs they identify.

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Questions about what your parishes will receive

First and foremost, thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to your parish.  The one by One campaign is allowing the parishes and the Diocese to further the mission of the church and strengthen our individual faith and by doing so, transform our communities.  Please consider a sacrificial gift, above and beyond our normal giving in order to respond to the extraordinary needs of the Church.

Each pastor or pastoral leader, along with leaders in the parish, will work hard to identify the unique needs of the parish.  These will range from programs for evangelization to construction projects aimed at comfort and hospitality each and every Sunday.  Every 50 cents on the dollar will remain with the parish for the needs that are identified.

The one by One campaign is aimed at leading more people to the Kingdom of God, which will in turn draw more people to the parish. This will benefit each parish for years to come as they capture the hearts of many and have pews full every Sunday. It will provide for the future success of the parish and allow for more programs, outreach and Sacraments. 


Our parishes are places where we give witness to the Good News and then venture out into our communities to share Jesus.  Through your support of the one by One campaign not only do you ensure the future of our parishes, you help enhance Catholic education, broaden social services and living justice programs and care for our seminarians. Thank you and God bless!


support us and change the course of a child’s life today!

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