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In response to changes in both the Church and the communities we serve, the schools, programs, ministries and parishes within the Diocese of Green Bay have embarked on several extensive mission planning exercises to ensure the alignment with our new organizational mission statement.  As a result of both school and parish mission planning, new and urgent opportunities and challenges have and will be identified that will require resources above and beyond the revenue derived from regular Diocesan or parish collections.  The successful completion of this campaign will ensure, in all we do, we fully express our vision as a community of missionary disciples, striving to lead all people to the Kingdom of God.

The goal for this campaign is $70 million dollars of which $60 million will be raised in the parishes.  The remainder will be raised by Bishop Ricken through a series of meetings with select families.  Of the $60 million dollars that is raised in the parishes, 50% will be returned to parishes to meet local needs, much of which will be identified through parish mission planning.  The remainder will be used to enhance Diocesan programs and ministries in the following areas:
• Catholic charities and living justice;
• Catholic education in all forms;
• Evangelization;
• Clergy recruitment and formation; and
• Providing for retired clergy.

Every household in the Diocese of Green Bay will be asked to participate in this historic undertaking with sacrificial gifts of time, talent and treasure.  As the campaign is being implemented in a phased approach, each parishioner will be solicited for support at the appropriate time.  While not everyone will be able to make the same commitment, all will be asked to make an equal sacrifice.  Gifts may be fulfilled over a three-year period.

All parishes will be asked to put forth a good faith effort to reach their campaign goal.  Parish leaders will be asked to make, in coordination with the parish lay leadership and their campaign field director, a minimum of twenty personal visits, request a specific and proportional gift from each family, implement a personal approach to requests, adhere to the campaign timeline, remain a positive advocate for the campaign and conduct at least one in pew commitment weekend.  Each parish will be provided with a campaign plan to follow and assigned a campaign director to guide parishes through campaign implementation.

Parish campaigns will be implemented in a series of phases over a six month period in one of the following blocks:
Block                                                           Timeline
Pilot                                                             January 2019 – June 2019
One                                                             July 2019 – December 2019
Two                                                             January 2020 – June 2020
Three                                                          July 2020 – December 2020

Along with the pastor or pastoral leader, the designated campaign director, a core of parish volunteers will be recruited to assist in the implementation of the campaign.  Volunteers to be recruited include a campaign chair and campaign leadership committee members.

Each parish will receive 50% of the funds raised through their parish campaign.

Parish offertory is expected to remain constant as parishioners will be asked to consider campaign gifts over and above their regular giving.

The Seminarian Collection and the Bishop’s Appeal provide essential operating support that ensures the day to day operations of essential Diocesan ministries and programs – they are programs that ensure maintenance.  This campaign will ensure fidelity to the new vision and mission of the Diocese.

Yes, these annual programs are critical to maintaining the daily operations of the Diocese of Green Bay.  Suspending these appeals during the campaign would significantly depress, over time, the performance levels of these campaigns and, by extension, place at risk the future of the many people who benefit from supported programs.

Campaign expenses are built into the campaign plan and will not be deducted from those funds returned to the parishes.

Each family will be asked to make an equal sacrifice to the campaign.  Gifts may be paid over a three to five year period.  Parishioners will be asked to select a commitment plan that best suits their specific circumstance.

Yes, a donor may fulfill their pledge using a credit card, debit card or automatic withdrawal once the appropriate authorization form is completed.

Yes, the campaign accepts gifts of stock and other non-liquid assets including real estate pursuant to the gift acceptance policies of the Catholic Foundation.  Donors wishing to make such gifts should contact the Foundation Office at (920) 272-8197 or click here to complete our online form.

Yes, as allowed by law.  For non–cash gifts, donors are encouraged to consult with their financial advisor.

The Catholic Foundation has managed, historically, all of the development programs that support the ministries and programs of the Diocese of Green Bay.  Additionally, this campaign will raise the awareness of the centrality of the Foundation in the life of the Diocese of Green Bay.

Contact Josh Diedrich, Executive Director of the Catholic Foundation, at (920) 272-8197.


First and foremost, thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to your parish.  The one by One campaign is allowing the parishes and the Diocese to further the mission of the church and strengthen our individual faith and by doing so, transform our communities.  Please consider a sacrificial gift, above and beyond our normal giving in order to respond to the extraordinary needs of the Church.

Each pastor or pastoral leader, along with leaders in the parish, will work hard to identify the unique needs of the parish.  These will range from programs for evangelization to construction projects aimed at comfort and hospitality each and every Sunday.  Every 50 cents on the dollar will remain with the parish for the needs that are identified.

The one by One campaign is aimed at leading more people to the Kingdom of God, which will in turn draw more people to the parish. This will benefit each parish for years to come as they capture the hearts of many and have pews full every Sunday. It will provide for the future success of the parish and allow for more programs, outreach and Sacraments. 


We are each called, one by one, to become disciples of Jesus that share our faith with those who need it most.  By sharing our faith with others we have the opportunity to change the lives of others as well as deepen our own connection to Jesus.  This is exciting and is central to what our faith is about, leading all people to the Kingdom of God.

The evangelization plans are aimed at planning for the future of the Church by meeting people where they are at and walking with them as they journey closer to the love of God.  For example, a few of the initiatives focus on additional outreach to engage diverse ethnic communities, further equipping and strengthening our rural parishes and expanding healing ministries throughout the Diocese.  It is through these programs we will be able to make a bigger impact on the lives of more people in our communities.

As missionary disciples we serve Christ in the world by serving others.  To fully serve those with joy of the Gospel, we must provide support for parishes to increase their outreach in our communities. 


Through your support of the one by One campaign more people will be able to receive services for such things as mental health counseling, addiction services and financial health services in expanded areas throughout our Diocese.

Grants will be available to service providers who help homeless people throughout our Diocese. 

Across Wisconsin overdose deaths are up 35% over last year.  As a result, the growth of this epidemic has revealed a need for more trained alcohol and drug counselors in northeastern Wisconsin. These prevention and counseling services are needed now more than ever. Through your support of the campaign more counselors will be available to help families and individuals struggling with addiction.


In recent years, planning studies have shown that there is a need for younger outreach in vocation awareness and as a faith community we need to be present in the lives of our youth and young adults when they are making life-defining decisions. It is through this presence the seeds of a vocation are planted.  These are some of the places our future priests discover their vocation and enhancing the reach of Campus Ministries and Camp Tekakwitha will allow for many more to consider a religious vocation.

Funds raised from the Seminarian Collection ensure the ongoing support for seminarians in formation and those considering a vocation to the priesthood.  The current funding levels would be insufficient with any increase in men considering the priesthood, any additional length of time added to formation or any decrease in the Seminarian Collection.  These funds would provide a stable stream of income to support seminarians for years to come.

Our priests have devoted their lives to bringing the love and healing of Jesus to all of us.  When these men retire they are often living on a modest pension and the Retirement Collection aims to maintain the pension fund so our priests can keep receiving those funds as the number of retired priests rises each year.  The funds from the one by One campaign will provide retired clergy with support with serious medical issues as medical costs are increasing.


That is correct!  There is financial assistance for low income families to have access to Catholic schools.  This campaign addresses giving access to middle income families to attend Catholic school as well.  This will give more families access to affordable Catholic education throughout northeastern Wisconsin. 

Through this campaign we can help many students who attend Catholic schools to be more likely to pursue vocations and become Catholic leaders.  A  student who pursues a vocation could become a pastor or a leader in one of our parishes.  These programs support the future generations of Catholics. 

Catholic graduates carry faith filled morals and convictions that transcend in their professional and personal life.  Statistically 99% of Catholic students graduate high school and have leading academic scores.  Students will be educated in cutting edge academics while also learning about our Lord.  The small group setting allows great one-on-one attention for a student as well. 



By modernizing and improving our technology and communication strategies, we enable the Diocese to more effectively spread the Good News and instill the teachings of Christ into every aspect of daily life. 


The successful completion of this campaign will ensure, in all we do, we fully express our vision as a community of missionary disciples, striving to lead all people to the Kingdom of God.  Please help us achieve our vision by making your generous gift today!


support us and change the course of a child’s life today!

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