Our Campaign Priorities

Across our Diocese, funds raised through the one by One campaign will strengthen our vibrant parishes, enhance Catholic education in all forms, broaden social service and living justice programs, provide for those who serve, create a community that leads others to Jesus and provide for technology and communication upgrades.

This campaign will empower each of us to transform our communities as missionary disciples – as we share the healing, teaching and loving presence of Jesus where we live, work and pray.

Catholic Leadership Endowment

OUR GOAL: $2,500,000

Well-formed, dynamic and faith-filled leaders are essential if we want to inspire our children on their sacramental journey and see them grow into adults who are active and involved members of the Church. But the current economic climate combined with the lower salaries our parishes and Catholic schools are able to offer have created a perfect storm that has had a significant impact on attracting and retaining the talented leaders and educators our children deserve.

The one by One campaign will create the Catholic Education Leadership Endowment to assist parishes and schools experiencing staffing issues due to financial constraints. These short-term grants will help fill open positions with individuals who have the desire and skill set to passionately serve the Church as teachers, administrators, catechetical leaders and youth ministers and who reflect the diverse populations comprising our Diocese.



Inspire more people to discover, follow, worship and share Jesus.  Through your support of the one by One campaign you will ensure the future of our parishes, enhance Catholic education, broaden social services and living justice programs and care for our seminarians.  Thank you and God bless!


support us and change the course of a child’s life today!

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