Our Campaign Priorities

Across our Diocese, funds raised through the one by One campaign will strengthen our vibrant parishes, enhance Catholic education in all forms, broaden social service and living justice programs, provide for those who serve, create a community that leads others to Jesus and provide for technology and communication upgrades.

This campaign will empower each of us to transform our communities as missionary disciples – as we share the healing, teaching and loving presence of Jesus where we live, work and pray.

Caring for those in need to bring more people to Jesus

The joy of the Gospel is often most needed in spaces where people find themselves alone, suffering and without hope. As Catholics, we are called to seek out the stranger, heal the sick and comfort the weary so all may know a deeper relationship with Christ.

The one by One campaign will promote the social teachings of the Church, especially those relating to justice and dignity, through Catholic Charities and complementing diocesan programs that bring healing and peace through pastoral outreach.

OUR GOAL: $3,275,000

By serving all in need, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Green Bay invites many to discover Christ through the Catholic faith and forms disciples who then bring Christ to others. Catholic Charities will receive $3,000,000 from the one by One campaign to enhance its mental health, adoption, financial health and immigration and refugee services, and expand its reach in our Diocese using a new service delivery model.

Catholic Charities’ services have often been limited to the largest population centers in our Diocese, because it previously helped people one-to-one in office settings. Realizing that the darkness of mental illness, emotional suffering and poverty knows no geographical boundaries, Catholic Charities is now bringing its services directly into communities, providing assistance to people in need where they are through partnerships with parishes and like-minded agencies. Supporting this new service model with funds to develop these partnerships, train volunteers and improve technology will help Catholic Charities achieve its goal of directly impacting 10,000 individuals across our Diocese by 2025 — a 150 percent increase in its current reach.

As Catholic Charities has increased its presence in communities, the need for its services to evolve has become apparent. Gifts to the one by One campaign would allow Catholic Charities to expand its programs, such as with additional mental health outreach to parishes and school systems, increased support for parents and more resources to respond with parishes to those who find themselves in crisis situations following natural and man-made disasters.

To supplement Catholic Charities’ services, campaign funds will be used to further develop teams of healing ministers, which serve those in need of both physical and spiritual healing through the work of the Holy Spirit in evangelization. We will also increase the number of chaplains ministering throughout the Diocese, as this important ministry is currently underrepresented in hospitals, long-term health care facilities and prisons.

OUR GOAL: $1,500,000

Our rural parishes face their own unique challenges. Pastors and pastoral leaders are often stretched thin while economic uncertainty, unemployment and an exodus of young people to urban areas threaten to deplete our rural regions of their vitality. Not only are our rural parishes essential to the social and spiritual development of their communities, but they are also crucial to the mission and ministries of the Diocese of Green Bay.

The one by One campaign will reserve $1,500,000 specifically for rural parishes. This endowment will provide grants to rural parishes to promote innovative programs that link with existing community resources and agencies, engage young people through faith formation and social outreach, and provide ongoing adult faith formation, leadership development and social opportunities.

OUR GOAL: $1,500,000

To effectively bring Christ to those most in need, we must meet them where they are, seek to understand their circumstances and promote God’s presence through works of love and mercy.

The endowment created through the one by One campaign will provide $1,500,000 in grants to homeless shelters and homeless service providers at work within the Diocese. The Catholic Foundation will award these grants based on the projected impact of the specific issue being addressed, the ability of the solution to be scaled and replicated for other service providers, and the alignment of the project to the teachings of the Church and the mission and vision of the Diocese.

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Inspire more people to discover, follow, worship and share Jesus.  Through your support of the one by One campaign you will ensure the future of our parishes, enhance Catholic education, broaden social services and living justice programs and care for our seminarians.  Thank you and God bless!


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